Working permits

Working Permission

In line with the Turkish Ministry of Working rules and procedures ;

  • Preparation the necessary documents and application in Ankara
  • Following and finalization of Working permits.
  • Auditing the validity periods and performing their extension
  • For the engineers to apply and prepare  their specific working permissions  documentations and follow the job in Engineering Houses in order to have their specific approvals from those houses .Otherwise it isn’t allowed to submit  working permission for the engineers by The Ministry of Working .
  • Upon the issuing of working permission certificate to follow and instruct your company to register in 30 days those certificates in residence permit permissions .
  • Follow and instruct your company in order to prepare the employee letters of working permission certificate in line with the applicable laws in this subject .
  • To follow the personel returning dates and quiting their business in Turkey and prepare the official documents in line with the applicable laws in this subject .
  • Managing the residence and working permit requirements of your personel and their families .in line with our planning softwares .
  • Advising your management and personel  about the laws and procedures in these cases .